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Welcome to Carpet Systems, Inc. where your ideas come to life. We are a leading developer and manufacturer of laminated fabrics and composite fabrics for consumer and industrial end uses. Using thermal, sonic and our new hot-melt lamination technologies, we are able to produce custom engineered fabrics.

Our experienced team is able to work with your product development department in analysis and identification of suitable solutions to your needs. Alternatively, many small companies can’t afford to retain development staff. For those companies, Carpet Systems’ specialists can take your idea from concept to completion. Whether you are working within a development team, or you are a one-man army, Carpet Systems’ personnel can integrate into your framework to help you get the job done.

At Carpet Systems, we have developed a wide range of products for a variety of end-uses. Whether your project requires a surgical drape which blocks blood-borne pathogens, a dust mite proof storage bag, or a gradient filter cartridge to prolong cycle times in your industrial facility, Carpet Systems can assist in the specification, development, design, and testing of just the right fabric for you. By choosing from a number of products, we can create a composite fabric with very specific strength and tactile properties. By combining dissimilar fabrics through lamination, you are able to offer a product which combines the desirable attributes of multiple layers into one composite material.

Take a minute to browse our “Products” page to get a feel for some of the products that we’ve developed or refined. Don’t be afraid to ask about your product even though you may not see it in our listing. We are constantly finding new applications which make use of our capabilities.

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Our helpful staff is available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Eastern time to answer all of your questions. We're looking forward to hearing from you.
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