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Carpet Systems, Inc. began as a supplier of slit-width primary backing to the carpet and rug industry in 1977. Today, Carpet Systems has evolved into a producer of multi-layer laminated fabrics from nonwovens, films, scrims, paper, wovens, and knits for a wide array of applications and industries.

Through thermal or ultrasonic lamination, we can create engineered fabric with unique characteristics and highly specialized properties. By combining the strengths of different materials, we'll help you build a fabric which no single manufacturer would be able to produce.

Carpet Systems is owned and operated by Scott Carroll and Jim McFarland. As classmates growing up in Dalton Georgia, neither envisioned that they would later become business partners. Scott went off to Auburn University to study Business Administration while Jim graduated from Georgia Tech as a "heck of an engineer." The two friends realized that while they share many core beliefs, their complimentary training and skills made them a great business team. Both partners have a long history of experience in the fabrics industry and with composite fabrics. We use our past experience in designing unique solutions as a starting point when working with new clients. 
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